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Sustainable and scalable business models for minigrids - Summary concept note

The sustainable and scalable business models for minigrids conference  organized by the African school of regulation (ASR)  begins on Monday 23rd January . The three-day conference has over 200 participants from over 25 countries registered. The ASR is excited to host this multitude of experts and organizations passionate about Minigrids and increasing access to sustainable and affordable electricity in Africa. While we gear up towards this conference, we can use the conference concept note as an anchor to discuss the scalability and viable financial business models for mini-grids in Africa.    Sustainable and financially viable business models are the pre-requisite for deployment of a large number of mini-grids required to achieve the goals of universal electricity access in Africa.  The concept note by Prof.  Ignacio J. PĂ©rez-Arriaga   highlights two fundamental conditions that are indispensable to attract the massive amounts of private capital needed to deploy all the minigrids that