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The impact of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 on Electrical Power and Energy Systems (EPEs)

The communication revolution that dominated the last half century and the economic crisis in 2008 have led to the market landscape currently being dominated by electric power and energy systems. Efficient electrical power generation, transmission and distribution provide for the backbone of any growing economy as well as the fundamental requirement for the developed global north. The adoption of climate change agreement at the UN Climate change conference in Paris led to three main drivers of technological advancement in the power industry. These main drivers of transformation can be   summarised as; i.   de-carbonization   of   EPES,   ii. decentralisation   of   electrical   power   and   iii. energy production and transportation electrification.  Technological innovation is therefore prerequisite to this transformation of EPES. The evolution of several technologies is currently underway to curb the aforementioned. We shall use a discursive analysis approach to assess the role of two