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Electric mobility as an anchor for productive uses of renewable energy: The case of E-Safiri, a Kenyan based start-up

                                                  The impact of rural electrification programs can often be multiplied through the promotion of productive use of on-grid and off-grid electricity beyond basic domestic use. Most countries place a high priority on electrification and recognize the many benefits it brings. These benefits include improved lighting; higher levels of education for children; increased productivity in business and agriculture; improved health through reduced use of kerosene lamps; increased access to entertainment and information through radio, television and computers; and increased social activity and safety through public lighting (IEG 2008). Today, electrification is often combined with investments in other areas, such as roads, water supply, education, training, technical assistance and access to credit.    This case study focuses on how promoting productive uses can increase the financial viability of climate investments in small-scale power generation an