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Recommendations to high level stakeholders at COP-26

I nclusion of women and youth in climate change mitigation and a just energy transition can be maximized ultimately by implementing the following recommendations:   1.       Integration of women and youth in Grid connection, off-grid and renewable energy projects -         Opportunities in the energy sector can be used to better integrate women and youth within off-grid energy companies’ operations as well as the general supply chain.  -         Throughout the world, a growing number of companies are leveraging this business opportunity by designing, producing, selling, and distributing off-grid energy technologies – which span solar lights, solar home systems, mini-grids, and clean cooking solutions (including fuels and cookstoves). Companies in the off-grid energy sector have much to gain through taking a purposeful gender and diversity lens throughout their operations and supply chains.   2.       Affordable and inclusive Business models -         Innovative technologies geared towa