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Back to the basics: What is PPP and how does it affect you?

My recent post on “The role of Private-Public Partnerships (PPP) and innovative financial models in Sustainable Development” sparked some interesting conversations and questions. I am grateful to the friends and acquaintances who gave feedback on the importance of understanding PPP by breaking down the basics of what it means to mwananchi. In this post, I attempt to go back to the basics and describe the PPP scenario in Kenya, definitions, the role of PPP unit housed in treasury and the current gaps being faced in implementing PPPs. I’ll also highlight some PPP success stories in Kenya.    1.       What is a PPP and why is it "new" in  the Kenyan  market ? There are no universally accepted definitions of the PPP concept. In fact, the term can be used to mean any form of association or co-operation between the public and private sectors for the purpose of reaching a common goal. I would define PPP as a contractual means to deliver public assets and public services. PPP contrac