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Potential of renewable energy in Marsabit, Kenya

The Global renewable energy agenda in line with the Sustainable Development goal 7 (SDG 7) is a necessary component in driving Africa’s transition to increasing access to the Energy poor. Marsabit county is riddled with inexhaustible renewable energy resources such as solar that can be harnessed to facilitate the increasing energy demands within the region whilst providing sustainable solutions to the energy crisis. Investment within the renewable energy space is highly welcome by the Government of Kenya, with the introduction of reduced tax incentives of solar products, locally available talent and the drive towards vision 2030 which encompasses the need to transform Kenya into a newly industrialized, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030.   Marsabit county is the largest county in Kenya and its largest town Moyale    boasts of a population of 459, 785 Kenyans whose pastoral productive systems form the main livelihood in Marsabit county. Th