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First Impressions - How can we responsibly introduce ourselves to the relevant networks while pursuing opportunities on social media?

Whilst social media is a powerful tool that can be used to network and create/pursue opportunities to advance our careers, if used incorrectly, it could be the reason why we keep missing opportunities that we seek. In the recent past, I have received several messages on social media from all over the world from engineering students, technicians and graduate engineers seeking opportunities within the engineering space and more specifically in electricity access  in Africa   There’s an astounding amount of global talent in the engineering field    and I saw young passionate individuals writing to me but not knowing exactly how to communicate. I believe the simplest things make us memorable. Paying attention to detail is an important part of first impressions. Ensuring your spelling is right and that you are straight to the point gives the reader the idea that you are serious and certain about your goal and will most definitely get their attention. These are some of the considerations I u