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The role of Private-Public Partnerships (PPP) and innovative financial models in Sustainable Development

I am part of the Project Appraisal team for PPP electricity transmission projects with the mandate to procure transaction advisory for the new envisioned PPP transmission projects in Kenya. I have noted in my experience working and researching on the best PPP approach that, wholesome solutions to modern day problems cannot be solved by addressing one facet. Instead, governments, private sector, multilateral institutions and donors have to come together in order to make any significant and lasting changes. Leaders and technical experts responsible for policy and regulation in Africa, should be able to easily identify such synergies making progress towards achieving SDGs likely. An example would be an IFC funded private sector renewable energy project in collaboration with the government which provides tapped water and roads (via IDA/WBG funded projects) to supply cheap energy to poor communities, critical to poverty eradication.   This can be seen in Rwanda’s energy sector, which has le

Hacks and Tips for African Women working in Construction in STEM related fields

There are more women joining the STEM workforce which for the most part may involve field visits, construction supervision, installation works and sometimes operating large equipment like cranes or forklifts. While these roles are quite empowering for women, there exists some key lessons to learn for those new in these fields.    Here are some hacks and tips based on my seven years’ experience working as a female engineer at construction sites in electricity infrastructure development.   1.       Safety first Since their introduction into mainstream construction, safety gear has not been designed with the female form in mind.    Although, most recently innovators are coming up with gender inclusive designs, the norm for most sites is to use the readily available safety gear. The boots are bulky and quite heavy, make sure to wear comfortable airy socks, if you are a fast walker this could be the time to slow down at site (also for your safety and risks presented by the surroundings). Ge